Managed IT Services For Lawyers

 Managed IT Services For Lawyers 


Are you still thinking that law firms are excluded from modern cyber security threats? Think again, my friend. 

Even as you are reading this, a distinct or but neglected part of your law firm operations might be at the risk of survival-threatening attacks. Hence, you and your employees are constantly interacting with cloud-based information technology systems. 

According to the ID Theft Resource Center, there were over 11,762 data breaches between January 1, 2005, and May 31, 2020. A little deeper look also showed that some cyber security breaches often affect law firms and their employees. 

Assuming you think that this is something that happens to big firms only, you’ve got a wake-up call to heed. Around 43% of all cyberattacks in the United States are targeted at small businesses. 

Do you think small businesses in this context include small law firms? That’s something left for you to judge. 

Here is why many people like you look for managed cyber security services for law firms. In some cases, security might be a part of the managed IT services provided by an independent firm with a team of experts. 

Modern Cyber Security Threats That a Managed IT Service Companies For Lawyers Will Help You Watch Out For

Depending on your level of enlightenment or how technically savvy you are, you might be aware of some cyber security threats, not others. 

However, how they work and the extent of potential damages or losses are probably unknown to you. Whatever the case may be, below are some of the most common cyber security threats to affect the smooth and profitable operation of law firms and other small businesses. 

#1: Ransomware


Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts private data while demanding a ransom from the target victim. This form of threat may come in the form of denied access to private data or computer systems. 

At other times, ransomware may threaten to publish private data in the public domain if a certain ransom amount is not paid within a stipulated time. 

Assuming your firm has some ransomware threats to deal with, some of the best managed IT security firms in Stamford Connecticut can help you deal with that. Some examples of modern cyber security threats in the form of ransomware include the following. 


  • Bad Rabit
  • Crypto Locker 
  • WannaCry 
  • Revil 
  • Ryuk 


A little further research will let you learn how ransomware works. However, always bear in mind that prevention is usually the best option for small and medium-sized firms alike. 


#2: Phishing 


Phishing is a form of cyberattack that uses mass email messages disguised as coming from reputable and recognized authorities to steal the victim’s information. 

Phishing emails make use of a link that demands that the target victim click, which will then give the attacker access to the victim’s data or communication systems. Because you are using email communication in your law firm, phishing is one of the most common types of cyber security threats to avoid.

The types of data that can be stolen through phishing include medical records, tax records, persona data, patent information, and others. As big as the losses or damage could be, you should take some proactive measures to protect your firm. 


#3: Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks 


Here is a type of cyber threat that works by overloading computer servers or network systems with seemingly legitimate requests. The goal in most cases is to deplete computing resources, find a loophole, take some network services offline, and then lay the ground for further attacks. 

Most times, denial of services (DOS) or distributed denial of service (DDoS) spreads from infected host machines. And that is the thing that makes it one of the most advanced forms of cyber security threats facing law firms and other small businesses alike. 

#4: SQL Injection 


Here is another form of cyber security threat that works by installing malicious software or code on a website or unprotected web forms. When the code is installed, the core function is to deliver unprotected information or cause a malfunctioning of the infected website. 

In case you have a law firm website, but you have no idea whether it is protected against SQL injection or not, now may be the best time to engage Connecticut cyber security experts to help you assess the current situation. 

Why Managed IT Services Is So Important For Lawyers


Advancement in threats – Just as technology advances every day, cybercriminals also improve their games almost daily. The implication is that today’s outdated systems might become a loophole for these criminals to gain unauthorized access into your computer or network systems. 

Reputation Management – At every point in time, the reputation of your law firm is at stake as a result of cyber security threats. Without maximum protection, your firm’s reputation within its operating jurisdiction or target industries might be damaged after a cyberattack. 

The big question is this – will you wait until it happens before you can do something to protect your firm’s reputation? 

Data and asset protection – Beyond maximum protection of your law firm’s reputation, some other real data or digital assets might be at risk as well. For example, some pending patents or high-value transaction data within your firm’s database can be stolen or even copied in the event of a cyberattack. 

And that’s another reason why your law firm needs managed IT security services in Connecticut and its surrounding areas. 

Employee vulnerability – Even when you think you are personally updated and protected, your employees are probably vulnerable. Perhaps, you have never taken time to think about how vulnerable some of your staff members are when they access and log out of your company’s network systems. 

On a scale larger than what it used to be, round-the-clock access on mobile devices and work-related communication apps are fertile grounds on which advanced cybercriminals are constantly launching attacks faster than you can imagine. 

Wouldn’t you rather take some proactive actions to engage cyber security experts? These IT experts will give you a comprehensive analysis of your firm’s current situation and recommend what is needed for a reliable protection system. 


Conclusion On Managed IT Services For Your Law Firm 


Cyber security and managed IT services go hand in hand. Besides some of the core managed IT services, you may want to explore security services for some specific reasons at the moment. 

As noted earlier, you should bear in mind that dedicated criminal gangs around the world are constantly upping their games. If you wait as other law firms do, the cost of dealing with minor or major damage will certainly be higher than the prevention cost. 

Interestingly, the extent or dimension of damages might not predictable.