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We build reliable and secure networks.

“Computer networks that are designed and setup correctly provide long term efficient and effective functionality.”

Computronix designed and built networks transacting over $100 billion in assets.

  • Network Design/Upgrades/Expansion
  • Projects on Existing Infrastructures
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Install & Configure: Servers/Workstations/Printers
  • Setup Routers, Switches, Firewalls
  • Multi-location Setup
  • Industry Specific Compliance: Government/Financial/Legal/Medical/Non-for-profit – HIPAA, SOX and 17a-4
  • Wiring

Which project applies to your need?





Which project applies to your need?






Project-based services (installation & upgrades)

All computer networks have a beginning. Sometimes that beginning happens several times over the life of a business. Computronix manages this perplexing process by providing purchasing support, installation and customization services based on an all-inclusive flat rate project installation fee. We will review all aspects of your intended project, alert you to possible pitfalls and assist you in making the best purchases for your business. More importantly, we will make it happen — installing and configuring your purchases  exactly to your expectations. We are so confident in our abilities that all project installations come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason, we will work with you to make it right.

Technology Guidance

Our experts share in-depth knowledge of emerging technology’s landscape with a mission to design optimal computer networks and enhance your business.


Scalable networks can grow to include new users and remote sites, to support new applications without impacting the level of service.


A network designed for availability delivers reliable performance to where the failure of a single link or piece of equipment should not significantly impact network performance.


Security must be designed into the network. The location of filters, firewall features and security devices is critical to safeguarding network resources.


A network too difficult or complex to maintain cannot function efficiently and effectively.


What do you need?

How does this fit into your business operations? What are the budgetary considerations?

Addressing these questions assists us in finding the best options to review with your team and confirm that you understand the implications of all the options.


The discovery process during procurement ensures that we define your needs in order to meet your objectives.


We provide white glove service with ordering the equipment, tracking delivery and handling the entire process from beginning to end. Most importantly, we interface with the vendors to ensure intended outcomes.


When ordered with Computronix, we keep a full inventory of your equipment, the supporting software and warranties that support your hardware. We prefer to take a pro-active approach in overseeing your network environment and address circumstances before they turn into calamities.


We’re wired for wiring, and planning.

Your business and its technology relies on a proper wiring infrastructure. Computronix technicians focus on efficiency, design documentation and ongoing support.

Whether you need a single drop or a thousand workstations wired we have the man power to get it done effectively and efficiently, within your budget.

Computer Networks

Surveillance Systems

Audio-Video Systems

Security & Access Control


Every single installation is handled meticulously.

We believe that how you do anything is how you do everything. For over 20 years we have built best practices into our approach and execution.

We set expectations on the process and timing, keeping you up to date in real time.

Computronix stands behind every install, all of our work is guaranteed.

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