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About Us

Computronix is indeed an invaluable resource.

Founded in 1997, headquartered in our privately-owned facility in Stamford, CT and extremely active in the Tri-State area, Computronix services more than 400 corporate clients and carries a full range of products for systems, network and telecommunication needs.

Computronix’s mission is to build trust into client relationships by offering absolute commitment to excellence in performance and products.

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At Computronix, our team consists of highly skilled professionals holding a diverse range of certifications and degrees, including PhDs, MSCEs, MSDAs, MCP+Is, CCDAs, CCNAs, Win NT Admins, and A+ certifications, among others. Their expertise spans systems integration, management, network and data security, and operations. Renowned for their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and building strong client relationships, our elite technicians are widely recognized within the industry.

Computronix collaborates with Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia, 3Com, Bay Networks, Liebert, Focal, SonicWall, Compaq, HP, Gateway, IBM, Dell, Intel, WorldCom, Qwest, AT&T, and more than 20 other prominent vendors.

Computronix provides a total solution packages: Consulting, Hardware, Intranet and Internet Service, Hosting, Software, Network Integration and Design, Wireless Installations and Technical Talent Placements (permanent and project). Computronix has created close relationships with all the major brand-name vendors and Provides services from basic desktop maintenance to enterprise-wide rollouts and management.

Computronix current specialty areas include:

  • Business Continuity Assessments, Network Security & Vulnerability Analysis and Assurance
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Remote Management (through our 24X7 Security Operations Center)
  • Local and Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) Design, Implementation and Management
  • Multi-Platform Operating Systems Specialties (Unix, NT, Novell, Apple)
  • Enterprise-Wide Solutions (High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Load balancing, Fail-Over Solutions)
  • Outsource Technical Placement (short-term, project and permanent-based assignments)
  • Connectivity solutions from Business Class DSL to Broadband (128K – OC48) to Metro Private Line

Several years ago, Computronix spun off its security division as a separate incorporated entity. Under the name Computronix Security Systems, Inc. (CSSI), the new company (valued at 25 million dollars) built a state-of-the-art security operations center (SOC) and monitored more than $4 Billion in annual transactions & 50-100 hacker incidents per day. In 2007, Computronix Purchased CSSI and incorporated the business as part of Computronix.