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What is it like to work with Computronix compared to other IT vendors?

Our clients classify their experience with Computronix as professional with predictable, reliable support. Service is very responsive with requests typically addressed within 20 minutes. If issues require more time, Computronix communicates the potential resolution time and keeps the clients up to date. Our discovery process allows for a holistic, detail-oriented perspective of your business operations, enabling us to serve as your strategic advisor rather than just another IT vendor.

Would you hold me hostage and not give me my passwords?

No, this is your network, not ours.

Do you make the business owner get on support calls and research my own technology solutions, or do you take care of that for me?

We will handle your vendor relationships for you as well as bring in experts when you need them and work with you to choose technology that works for your business and make it more efficient.

Will you lock me into a long term contract?

No, however our goal is to create a long term relationship, so if you want to be in a long term contract to lower your costs over time, we are happy to do that.

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