We manage IT as well as expectations.

“A properly and proactively managed network provides less downtime and tremendous cost savings in the long-term.”
Our team is recognized internationally as one of the top 250 Managed Service Providers in the world.
  • N24/7 Remote Monitoring & Alerts
  • NSoftware Deployment, Patching and Updates
  • NProactive Services
  • NGlobal Remote Support
  • NInternational Help Desk
  • NVirtual CTO
  • NNetwork Operations Center (NOC)
  • NHourly Support
  • NMobile Device management

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Proactive Support

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Reactive Support

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Cloud Computing

Proactive Support

All-Inclusive NetCare Proactive Maintenance/Support Services

Computronix™ has been providing “outsource” technology services to small- to medium-sized businesses for over 20 years. We do not require long-term contracts and with our new proactive NetCare hybrid cloud services, there are no hourly upfront service purchases required! In fact, we guarantee that our services will be the most powerful and complete solution you have ever utilized while costing less than your current comparable service provider!

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Tech Human 1a

Human Solutions

Our people answer our phones. And our Engineers are there when you need them.

Affordable 1a


One, single, predictive cost.

Virtual Cto 1a

Virtual CTO

Our technologists understand and help you through ongoing decisions, concerns and requirements.

Security 1b

Maximum Security

Full Cyber Security – Spam, spyware, malware, viruses.

Audit 1a

PC Inventory/Computer Audit

Always up-to-date, ongoing complete and software inventory of your entire network.

Compliance 1a

Industry Compliance, Technical Expertise

Industry specific expertise in technology compliance – SOX, 17a-4, HIPAA – and others.

Patch Management 1a

Patch Management

Fully automated patch management and deployment.

Mobility 1a

Mobility Management

Netcare manages all of your mobile devices.

Alerts 1a

Network Monitoring & Custom Alerts

Alerts and notifications including network changes, policy violations, low disk space, unapproved network access, added devices, etc.

Deployment 1a

Software Deployment, Software Updates

Complete software installations and software updates across the organization.

Policy 1a

Network Policy Enforcement

Take control of your network, right down to the application level. Define policies and automatically enforce them.

Integrated Reports

Comprehensive management/operational reports. Customizable, always available.

Green Power 1a

Green Power Management

Customized and advanced managed solutions to help keep you “green-compliant”.

Privacy 1a

System Alerts

We tend to all of them transparently, involving you only as needed. You focus on your core business.

Reactive Support

On-Call Hourly Diagnostic and Repair Services

Computronix employs a full staff of expert engineers with specific expertise in the following industries: financial, medical, legal, educational, non-profit and more (Case Studies). We do not believe in “voicemail hell” and therefore answer every call personally during business hours (after hours support also available). We pride ourselves on our communication infrastructure and “live or die” based on our ability to keep you in the loop and respond efficiently and effectively to your needs. . . when you need us.We are there when you need us.  Standard Hourly Contracts are blocks of hours that are prepaid and used when necessary for any technology service request you may have.  Standard response times for reported incidents are 4 business hours for a Server/Network emergency and 8 business hours for workstation or non-emergency issues. Normal business hours are between 8:30am ET and 5:30pm ET, Monday through Friday.  After hours, weekends and holidays are charged double time.

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Hourly Support 1a

Hourly Support

Need us in a pinch? Want us to stop by and relocate hardware, or install software? We have the team to respond quickly.

Remote Control 1a

Global Remote Support

Secure PC remote control/remote support when necessary.

International Help Desk 1a

International Help desk

Custom support contracts can be drafted with dedicated network engineers available 24/7.

Cloud Computing

Virtualization, Rapid Elasticity and Resource Sharing

As purveyors of cloud computing, we focus on delivering the crucial services to help ensure your business can reliably communicate, connect, download, upload, transfer — wherever your network may be. Our standards are very high. We match the highest level of technology to the people of the same caliber.

Cloud 3a
Cloud Odyssey 1a

2019: A Cloud Odyssey

Before the age of time, there were clouds. Then came people who could draw them, and draw upon intelligence to innovate, grow and achieve. Millennia later : cloud computing. If you look up you won’t see them, but your business will.
Computronix uses clouds — to help drive your business.

Dynamic Web 1a

It’s called “Dynamic Web”

Cloud computing happens when most of us access email, visit a website, pay online, conduct research, video conference, or use our smartphone.

Consumers are used to reliable connectivity, but making sure it actually happens that way can be a great feat indeed.

No Off Switch 1a

No "Off" Switch

We strive to prepare for any eventual instance — energy blackouts, hardware failure, hacking attempts by terrorists — with robust cloud computing and disaster recovery options. With us on-board, you may find you’re the only ones on your block to remain up-and-running, as we have proven year after year.

Latest Tech 1a

The latest technologies

• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
• Platform as a Service (PaaS)
• Software as a Service (SaaS)
• Storage as a Service (STaaS)
• Security as a Service (SECaaS)
• Data as a Service (DaaS)
• Test environment as Service (TEaaS)
• Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
• API as a Service (APIaaS)

Speed 1a (3)

Speed & Managability

Our cloud manages the infrastructure and platforms on which the applications run, allowing for access to cloud-based applications through a web browser or a lightweight desktop or mobile app while the business software and user’s data are stored on servers at a remote location. This often proves to serve applications faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, and enables IT to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.

Migrating 1a

Migrating to the cloud

A variety of advantages
following virtualization:

Hardware Independence
• Server Consolidation
• Virtual Appliance
Cloud Deployment

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