Cyber Security Threats For Small Business

Cyber Security Threats Facing Small Businesses 

The diverse dimensions of cyber security attacks are usually unpredictable. When such attacks happen, they can take you unaware. Perhaps, you have limited awareness of today’s most common cyber security threats facing businesses of different sizes. 

Besides the dimension that cyberattacks could take, you can hardly predict when they will happen. For some people, it is easy to assume that these things happen to big businesses only. 

Unfortunately, if you are not prepared enough, the potential losses might be more expensive than the cost of prevention. 

Interestingly, taking some time to raise your cyber security awareness is a step in the right direction. From this post, you’ll also pick some tips that will help you prevent the pitfall that may start from the side of your uninformed employees. 

Why Should You Care Now Instead of Later?

The security of your business, reputation, and assets is not something you should leave to chance. The following are some of the reasons why you should take proactive steps to get the best cyber security services now instead of later. If you are still contemplating these things, now is the time to think differently. 

Cyber Attacks Are On The Rise 

How has a decade of cybercrime impacted the United States? That’s what title of a study published on a website called Beyond Identity. In that study, the company reported that between 2019 and 2020, cybercrime has risen by over 45%. Looking at other cybercrime statistics, you’ll see that the trend has been growing, not declining. Once again, the dimensions are largely unpredictable. And that’s why you should start taking proactive steps now instead of later. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure 

You have always heard the fact that prevention is better than cure. Interestingly, it seems more pronounced and important when the security of business assets is a top priority. Unknown to some average business owners, the cost of cyber security services is often less than the potential losses that may result from cyberattacks. 

Instead of waiting until the attacks happen, you can take the initiative to explore the best ways to protect your business against cybercriminals who are becoming more sophisticated by the day. 

Your Business Is Not Fully Protected 

If you have never invested a dime in cyber security consulting services, there is a chance that your business is not fully protected. Depending on how your company relies on digital technologies, you’ll need complete protection against some of the most sophisticated cybercrimes. Now that you know that your business is not fully protected, how much longer will you want to postpone the commitment to maximum protection of your business? 

Common Cyber Security Threats Facing Businesses 

What is Ransomware? 

Ransomware is malicious software designed to gain and block unauthorized access to a computer system until you pay a stipulated amount of money (ransom) to the criminals behind it. Regardless of the industry, it is one of the most common cyber security threats facing businesses of all sizes today. If your business is not fully protected, you are prone to ransomware attacks. 

The most popular types of ransomware include the following. 

  • CryLocker
  • JigSaw
  • Locky 
  • Cerber
  • CryptoLocker 

If you notice any unusual alterations in your computer systems, it might be helpful to consult a cyber security expert as soon as possible. Leveraging their years in digital forensics and disaster recovery services, these experts could help you prevent potential losses that may arise from a ransomware attack. 

Inside Security Threats 

A considerable percentage of cyber-attacks often come from criminally-minded insiders. Regardless of how trustworthy you think your employees might be, you don’t have to leave the security of your business to chance. The problem is that you don’t know which of your employees might trigger a cyber attack that seems like it started from outside. 

Your best bet is to engage a cyber security company to give your maximum business protection against insiders and outsiders. 

When you engage one of the best managed IT security companies in Stamford, CT, you will increase your level of security with services like intrusion detection, email scanning, enterprise password access management, multi-factor authentication, file encryption, and backups. 

What is a Phishing Email 

Phishing emails are like quicksand. First, it appears harmless until you act on them. And then, you realize that your assumptions about being harmless are all wrong. Even when you are adequately updated on how phishing emails work, some of your employees might not be informed sufficiently. That’s why we provide online-based security training services for employees of different companies. 

Most phishing emails are disguised as coming from trusted authorities. At other times, it may carry an enticing offer or urgent request for you to take certain actions. Ignore them, and nothing will happen. 

Act on them, and the emails will trigger a sequence of data breaches, theft, and expensive attacks. 

What is Cloud Jacking 

Cloud jacking is the process of gaining unauthorized access to a cloud computing account or network. If you are new to cloud computing services for small businesses and you have never invested a dime in securing your systems, there is a chance that your business is prone to cloud jacking. 

The tricky part about cloud jacking is that it is hard for most people to detect when this is happening within their cloud account. Some of the things that may occur when a criminal gains unauthorized access to your cloud computing account include the following – 

  • Stealing and deleting confidential files 
  • Sending phishing emails from your account 
  • Alteration of your cloud security settings 
  • Adding users to use and deplete your resources 
  • Creating new email accounts to deceive your employees 

If you notice any of these things happening within your account, consult our digital forensics and cloud security experts for prompt disaster recovery services. Besides, we can leverage our professional experience to implement preventive measures. 

What is Mobile Malware 

The proliferation of mobile devices and apps represents a potent ground for malware infections. Because of the rapid changes that usually take place in the mobile landscape, a sudden emergence of certain loopholes might lead to widespread mobile malware attacks. 

Just in case you are wondering, mobile malware is a malicious made to spread and attack mobile devices. 

Assuming your employees are currently accessing some work-related files, communications, and resources from their mobile devices, you’ll need maximum protection against mobile malware attacks. Perhaps, you don’t need to be an expert to understand how mobile device security services can benefit your business. 

Final Thoughts 

As noted earlier, you don’t have to wait until any of these attacks happen to your business before you can start looking for the best cyber security solutions for small businesses. 

Now that you know that these threats are not exclusive to big companies, what will you do differently? 

However, becoming aware of these threats is one thing. Taking the required steps to protect your business is an entirely different challenge. If you are still contemplating, don’t forget that the potential losses resulting from a cyberattack are likely to be less than the cost of protecting your business. Assuming you have any doubts or questions, it will be better to consult an experienced cyber security expert.