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No other IT consulting firm in White Plains can touch our fast response time, range of experience, quality customer service, or our ability to deliver technology solutions that work exactly the way you want them to.

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At Computronix, we’re celebrated as White Plains’ leading expert in (MSP) managed services and IT support. From meticulous hardware installations to bespoke software adaptations, and from cutting-edge cloud protection measures to comprehensive network management, our services encompass a vast yet focused spectrum. Trust Computronix for integrated IT solutions in White Plains, and position your business at the forefront of New York’s vibrant technological scene.

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Years In Business

“We have been Computronix customers for decades. They have great customer service and knowledge of IT and pricing.”

Rob Morris

Chairman And CEO, Olympus Partners 8B Under Management

IT Support Company & (MSP) Managed Service Provider

Managing & Protecting White Plains Networks. Providing Peace Of Mind.

IT Support Company & (MSP) Managed Service Provider

Managing & Protecting White Plains Networks. Providing Peace Of Mind.

More Than Just “Another White Plains IT Company / MSP”

Relationships & Results

From our first interaction to the years to come, our winning combination of comprehensive IT solutions and experienced, personable professionals are the reasons so many business owners choose to work with us. Our goal is to build an everlasting relationship while providing comprehensive IT Solutions. We put so much emphasis on comprehensive IT Solutions because no one wants to hear the “tech talk” and that’s why we take the time to break it down to easily digestible information.

Modern Information Technology requires so much more than just your average IT solution. Your business demands secure, reliable, and technologically advanced IT Support, Cyber Security & Managed Services. Computronix provides all of that and so much more at an affordable price.

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    Why Computronix as your White Plains Outsourced IT Support Specialist & (MSP) Managed Service Provider?

    Why Computronix as your White Plains IT Support Specialist & (MSP) Managed Service Provider?

    IT support specialist 24/7 customer support specialist
    IT support specialist 24/7 customer support specialist
    24/7 IT Support
    Talk to a live It Support Specialist Now! No hassle, no call center. Our team of IT Specialists is always ready to help.
    Relationship & Trust Driven
    Building a relationship with trust takes time a dedication. We are 100% dedicated to you and your business because we know how important keeping your business safe and secure truly is.
    Comprehensive IT Support & IT Solutions
    Nobody wants the “overly complicated tech talk.” We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and easily digestible information and explanations for our IT Solutions.
    Cutting Edge Technology
    Information Technology and Cyber Criminals are evolving by the second. At Computronix, we have allocated an immense amount of time and resources to make sure that we are always ten steps ahead.
    25+ Years Experience
    With over 25 years in business, we confidently have the experience to take care of your business network.

    Powerful IT Solutions

    Powerful IT Solutions

    cyber security intrusion detection

    24/7 Managed Services

    Our Network Operation Center, with 30+ network engineers, proactively monitors and manages your technology infrastructure and network devices utilizing the latest, most secure platforms.   This includes ongoing monitoring, management, patching, updating, and remote remediation for the server, workstations, firewalls, switches, and other connected devices.
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    Ongoing Reviews And Assessments

    Ongoing business technology reviews and detailed network assessments for compliance, regulations and insurance needs.  We analyzes various aspects of your IT infrastructure (hardware, software, network resources, etc.) to allow you to make informed business decisions to improve network performance and security.
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    24/7 Advanced Endpoint Detection & Response

    Proactive detection and protection of your business network from malware, viruses, and cyber attacks with our advanced endpoint security. We deploy cutting edge technology to provide you advanced solutions.
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    24/7 Dark Web Monitoring

    Dark Web ID combines human and machine intelligence with powerful search capabilities to scour the dark web to identify, analyze and proactively monitoring for your organizations compromised credentials 24/7 365.

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    Two Factor Authentication

    Our advanced Two-Factor authentication system for your email and network access provides an easy way to secure your IT infrastructure.  Utilizing industry-standard protocols to provide an additional identity verification with a simple “Push” message to your cell phone.

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    24/7 SIEM Security Operation Center

    Our Security Operation Center with 20+ security engineers provide real-time Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) utilizing advanced data engines to proactively manage and monitor all security and activity logs from all of your managed devices to identify and protect against the highest level of threats.


    When it comes to It Support, Cyber Security, And Managed Services, We Have So Much More To Keep Your White Plains Business Safe And Secure!

    When it comes to It Support, Cyber Security, And Managed Services, We Have So Much More To Keep Your White Plains Business Safe And Secure!

    Stay Up To Date With Our Business Tech Blog

    We Will Send You A Free Security Awareness Training E-Book Just Fill Out The Information Below!

    CTX ebook on cyber security awareness

    We Will Send You A Free Security Awareness Training E-Book Just Fill Out The Information Below!

    CTX ebook on cyber security awareness

    Stay Up To Date With Our Business Tech Blog

    IT Support and MSP Managed Services: Your FAQs Answered

    What makes Computronix the top choice for managed services in White Plains, NY?

    Computronix has been at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art (MSP) managed services in White Plains, NY. Our deep understanding of the local business landscape, combined with our expertise in IT support, positions us as the preferred choice for businesses in the region.

    How does Computronix ensure cloud security for businesses in White Plains?

    At Computronix, we employ advanced cloud defense strategies tailored to the specific needs of White Plains businesses. Our team stays updated with the latest security protocols to ensure your data remains protected and compliant.

    Can I get customized software solutions for my business in White Plains from Computronix?

    Absolutely! Computronix specializes in offering bespoke software adaptations to meet the unique requirements of businesses in White Plains, NY. Our team collaborates closely with clients to ensure the software aligns perfectly with their operational needs.

    How does Computronix's network management stand out in White Plains?

    Our network management services in White Plains are comprehensive and detail-oriented. We not only oversee your network but also proactively identify and address potential issues, ensuring uninterrupted business operations

    Are Computronix's IT support services available 24/7 in White Plains?

    Yes, Computronix offers round-the-clock IT support to businesses in White Plains, NY. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

    Why should White Plains businesses choose Computronix for hardware setups?

    Computronix boasts a track record of precise and efficient hardware setups for businesses in White Plains. Our team ensures that the hardware is not only correctly installed but also optimized for peak performance in alignment with your business goals

    Just Some Of Our Client Testimonials


    The Importance of Having an MSP & IT Company In White Plains with Managed Service Providers

    Let us help your business get the best out of its IT investment. Are you questioning the importance of IT support and managed services? 

    Modern information technologies can extend the capabilities of your team and your business exponentially when properly installed and maintained. 

    Let’s explore why Computronix Managed IT services can help your business grow in different dimensions.


    What Does a White Plains IT Support  Company and (MSP) Managed Service Provider do?

    Managed it services are information technology operations management outsourced to an external entity with defined responsibilities. Even when you have installed all the technologies needed to run your business, you will need IT support services for many other reasons such as, cloud computing, disaster recovery , data backups and so much more. 

    Benefits Of Having An IT Support Company In White Plains

    #1: IT Support Reliability and Guarentee Guarantee 

    Depending on the nature of your business model, other businesses may depend on your solutions to run their day-to-day business. In this case, you need to make a certain level of guarantee regarding the reliability of your systems. This is one of the scenarios where managed IT support services come into play. Also having a managed service provider to take care of your business data with cyber security protocals is a must especially with so many cyber security threats going on in todays world.

    With Computronix, a top rated managed IT service company in Connecticut , you’ll be able to rely on the availability, stability, and security of our managed services to keep your business running safe and secure. 

    #2: Fully Managed Services

     24/7 Remote Monitoring & Alerts

    Software Deployment, Patching and Updates

    Proactive Services

    Global Remote Support

    International Help Desk

    Virtual CTO

    Network Operations Center (NOC)

    Hourly Support

    Mobile Managemen

    #3: Higher Level of Operating Efficiency 

    When your business model is not technology-centric, spending more of your time on the core operations and marketing side will be more profitable than dealing with technical complexities. 

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