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IT Services for Law Firms

IT Services For Law Firms

Lawyers are known to be privy to their clients’ most sensitive and important documents and still be able to maintain trust. IT Support and Managed services can help law firms uphold that trust while carrying out their legal duties with utmost efficiency and diligence. However, adopting IT may present new challenges the firm may not be aware of. This article explains the types, benefits, risks, and preventive methods against those risks associated with IT services for law firms.

Types of IT Services for Law Firms

There are many types of IT services that improve a law firm’s efficiency and help stabilize a legal team. Some of these IT services include:

Cloud Services

The cloud is a platform that can store and access information and program through the internet. Cloud services provide many ways for legal teams to interact with the information and technology they need by making it available at home and in the office.

Backup solutions

Lawyers, as we know, are privy to clients’ important documents and files and, as such, need a good backup system to prevent and ensure data loss and security. Many backup services for information include file backup, server backup, and desktop backup. Law firms can set up an automatic backup system to save the most recent version of their files.

Network or Cyber security

Network or cyber security services protect law firms from unauthorized access to their network. Authorization to those who need it can be created and issued using IT services. Some security services are firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), and anti-virus software.


This IT service can help law firms track who accesses legal information by monitoring the firm’s network, computers, internet traffic, and other internet-enabled devices.

Email services

Email is increasingly popular for businesses today, so law firms need to use this to maintain business relationships and to stay secure from cyber attacks such as email phishing.

Remote support

Remote support allows for technical issues and errors to be resolved more quickly and reduces time on application updates in a law firm. And this is done remotely.

What Are Common Cyber Security Risks & Data Security Risks Facing Law Firms

Though the internet provides several avenues for Law firms to improve and enhance the quality of their legal duties, it also comes with several risks; some of which include:

Credential theft

Credential theft is a form of data breach that involves the use of stolen credentials. It starts with a malicious email designed to trick someone into sharing login information, and if successful, the cybercriminal can compromise sensitive documents and client data and cause other damages. This method of theft is often hard to detect till it’s too late.


Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts important files and information. Some of this malware may come in the form of malicious email or vulnerability in the operating system that is exploited to gain entry and launch the program. Attackers often lock, threaten to delete, or publish the firm’s data in exchange for money.

Financial redirection

When an attacker intercepts payments between you and your clients, this is financial redirection. With access to your email, an attacker may learn your billing process and payment schedule, thereby having an opportunity to impersonate you and redirect payments from clients to another location. A redirection attack can cause damage to a firm’s finances and reputation.

Internal threats

Internal threats can result from carelessness from a staff that can lead to an unintentional data leak; this is dangerous as it can be undetected for months or years.

Is the Cloud Safe for Law Firms?

Cloud computing is preferable to on-premise computing because it is a secure and reliable way of storing data and accessing it from anywhere and at any time of the day; it is useful for lawyers that work remotely or are often out of the office.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for Law Firms

Managed IT services aid firms in different ways that help keep lawyers focused on their main jobs. Here are some benefits:

  • Managed service providers (MSPs) help reduce the overhead cost of expensive hardware and software, boosting your bottom line.
  • MSPs simplify complex processes and streamline workflow. The documentation of files and sensitive materials is properly managed.
  • IT service providers ensure the right security protocol and measures are implemented to detect and stop potential threats.
  • Cloud services allow easy access to any information needed with a reliable network from any location.
  • Legal duties are carried out more efficiently and with greater flexibility and convenience.

How to Protect a Law Firm from Cyber Crime

Before you can protect your law firm from cyber crimes, you must be knowledgeable about cybersecurity. Here are some tips to guide you.

IT services solutions

Ensuring you have a great IT team that keeps all systems and software up-to-date is good cybersecurity practice. This team will regularly patch your software and ensure firewalls are secure enough to withstand hackers from exploiting vulnerable spots will help your firm. Another good implementation is remote data wiping, allowing admin personnel to erase data remotely.

Staff training

Proper and thorough training should be made available to new staff. Also, provide additional training to all employees when system updates and process changes are made. Security awareness is a good training area to help spot email attacks and phishing.

Your IT team or managed security provider can implement attack drills and an incident response plan for teams to see how they handle a mock attack. Remote workers are not to be left from training to stay secure.

Reviewing assets

Please keep track of all data and sensitive information you have and put the necessary protection for them in place. Maintain an audit trail of data access and authenticate emails regularly.

Cyber insurance

To avoid much loss, having cyber insurance that will mitigate your firm’s financial losses in the event of a cyber attack will benefit you. You may be covered for tech systems, lost business, and reputational damages.

How to Hire a Company to Provide IT Support for Legal Firms?

Cybersecurity is very important, and there are many IT support companies, so you need to take the time to find which would work best for your firm.

First, make a list of what IT services your firm needs. Then, search out the service providers that tick off that list. Here are some things to consider for your service provider:

  • MSPs are willing to join team meetings.
  • MSPs offer additional services like advanced application monitoring.
  • MSPs take data security seriously.
  • They are regulatory complaints.
  • Have third-party accreditation.

To learn more about what services they provide, ask direct questions and be sure to read their service level agreements (SLA).


Law firms need IT services to improve their customers’ services and make them easy and more accessible from remote locations. However, IT systems have challenges and risks, and law firms can beat this challenge with adequate precaution and the best safety processes. Choose Computronix as your IT support company and managed service provider.