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Netcare2 = IT Support Simplified
Computronix offers the most powerful and complete computer/network IT support services available today. Since 1997, Computronix has specialized in developing "Big company" level technology for small to medium sized companies. We focus on making technology affordable and transparent so you can focus on your business! 

That's Netcare Squared.
Whether you have 2 users or 200 and need a computer repaired, computer network setup, Exchange Server installation, wireless configuration, computer network tech support, IT outsourcing, network security consulting or a worldwide communication system with remote login, we can provide fast, reliable, expert service at an affordable price...

On-Demand IT Service
Thanks to our Netcare2 services, 70-90% of all your computer/network tech support needs are handled remotely, automatically and during non-business hours for a price that is up to 60% cheaper then your current support services. we provide ongoing remote maintenance and support to maximize the performance, reliability, and stability of your network without you or your staff spending your valuable time or the costs and overhead of hiring a full-time staff. We couple this with our on-site services for the most complete support offering available to small and medium sized businesses.

Imagine your workstations, your servers, your peripherals, your company, benefiting from proactive help, a team of experts at your disposal, available every minute of every day, even physically at your location, with no contract whatsoever.

Now imagine how it will benefit you.

Before Issues Arise...
Proactive care on your network can really help your business. So it's important we offer peace-of-mind. In fact, we have proof that the right checks and balances help companies remain moving forward - growing.

Plus, if you ask our clients if our Netcare2 service is different because it's so effective, affordable, all-inclusive and simple, we'll ask "How can we help you?"

After Issues Arise...
Call us in. We might correct them remotely. We may dispatch our techs.

If we can respond quickly to these occurrences does that work?

How about preventing them in the
first place?

Access to the net, preservation of
your data, healthy machines...
healthier bottom line.

How we REALLY differ...
Years of experience, great team, all that knowledge.

What about talent and intuition? We at Computronix feel that these matter as well - in a major way. The ability to "see" what cannot be seen, and "feel" what cannot be felt. These abilities only come from many years in the trenches - planning, monitoring and adjusting customers' networks, time and time again. 

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