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Connecting It All

There are obviously a wide variety of marketing opportunities -- and channels -- to consider to help your brand and company achieve greater recognition and awareness. 

Determining the wheres, hows, and whys is the first step. Lots of strategic brainstorming sessions are - and will - be required to sketch out scenarios - BEFORE ONE MARKETING DOLLAR IS SPENT. (Rule #1)

Only once several directions are determined, do you pick one (or more), and "go to war".

Above all, do not compromise on your tactics to achieve recognition through every channel possible. Consider the holistic properties of marketing: reaching for and achieving exactly the right balance between print, online, social media, traditional advertising and PR, oh and handshaking (networking). Strategic at cruising altitude, landing to execute, far right for extreme creativity, far left for logical revenue building, etc.

It will take time, years perhaps, to develop your control pieces - those marketing devices you know work every time. Keep spinning off new ideas, re-invent your company every few years, from a marketing message standpoint (at least!).

From there - the sky's the limit.

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