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5/5/2000 - Value-Added Resellers: The Future of Information Technology

Connecticut Business Magazine - Technology Section

May 17, 2001

The future of the IT field is truly the new millennia’s great business chimera. Today, in addition to multiple hardware platforms, diverse application development environments, endless upgrades, complex multivendor problems, integration and ongoing maintenance issues, a company needs to be sure that they are getting the most effective and efficient use of their technology investment.

While there is no doubt of the great benefits provided by the open integration of software and hardware products, the complexities have become a challenge to manage. Mastering the intricacies of such integrations has become nearly impossible due to the rapid changes in technology. In small and large companies alike, internal IT managers are continuously challenged with evolving technology.

No longer are internal IT managers, or large IT departments able to handle all their technology requirements. Today’s complex systems require specialized knowledge to guarantee effective and efficient integration within a business. The value-added model is quickly becoming the solution of choice.

In the past, only large enterprise businesses had deep enough pockets to fund outsourced technology solutions offered by the large consulting firms. Today, companies of all sizes can turn to smaller technology specialty organizations that fit their corporate budgets. In addition to providing vendor neutral hardware recommendations, the advantages of a value-added reseller, also called a VAR, are numerous. Some of which include: strategic planning, system design, implementation, training, asset tracking, technical support, database development, Web development, consulting and research. 

While an internal IT manager can become static in their knowledge, focusing only day to day operations, a VAR must stay at the top of the technology curve to remain competitive.

Does a company truly know if they are getting the best technology solutions from their internal IT manager? Why not call in a VAR, which has a team of design/implementation experts and close relationships with the manufacturers who are producing the latest technology? If the solutions provided by the VAR are not as specified in the contract, recourse is usually available. What recourse does a company have against an internal employee, except for terminating them and finding someone to redesign the solution after hardware and software purchased have been made? And what is the cost of downtime to an organization?

The focus should be on business continuity and expansion through technology advancement. A VAR can help assess what is needed to upgrade, integrate and improve an organization’s technology environment, while minimizing or eliminating interruptions to the workflow.

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